Travel Light - Week 2

Dec 11, 2021    Ryancana

What do you do when you find out things aren’t the way you thought they were? These are usually moments of doubt, heartache, disorientation, and uncertainty. And we’ve gotta go through the mess to get to the other side. Brené Brown calls it the MESSY MIDDLE, and I think God is found in the messy middle.

Nicole Marso will join me in the living room as our Guest Storyteller. Her brother died by suicide in 2013. He was 14. She was 22. That’s the night Nicole started drinking alcoholically. In August 2020, the doctor walked into her hospital room and said the words: “If you don’t stop drinking, you’re not gonna see your kids graduate high school.” Nicole, mama of two, has been sober 15 months now! Let’s talk about the messy middle and the other side.